Monday, January 24, 2011

5 Steps to Good Graphic Designer

Executive Summary about Graphic Design By Timothy Fox

In this economy when you need a project done within the field of graphic design its important that the graphic designer you choose be versatile, fair, and a great communicator. Here are five things a good graphic designer should do.
1. Communicate effectively - A graphic designer should listen to his client and periodically show the client early drafts of the design project, to ensure that the client get what they want. Often times Graphic designers lack the communication to find mistakes before they become problems, and follow the changing ideas a client can have throughout the design process. As a graphic designer, I have found that the client many times will want to change the design to meet their expectations, and if there is a lack of communication throughout the design process, a designer and client will make more work for themselves.
2. Do the job right the first time - Just like everything else in business time is money. A good graphic designer will get the job done right the first time meaning that they take the parameters of what the client wants and create the design as best they can to meet those demands, within the scheduled time frame. Communication is key to ensure that the project follows the requirements, and stays on task. If the design or project is not what the client envisioned, steps need to be taken to provide the final product, within reasonable time frames, and a discounted, or free charge for service.
3. Charge a fair price - In this economy its important that your graphic designer charges you a fair market value price. Research the market and make sure the graphic designer keeps his prices fair or even is willing to negotiate. Payment methods and quantities are a must in the design service world. If a designer suggest all payment upfront, there is a chance that their dedication to the project has already fallen short of the cost for the project. Make a half payment of the full amount for the project, for a designers starting fee. Schedule smaller fraction payments, with required status reports, to ensure that they designer is on track, and will continue to dedicate the designer to work on track towards the finalized project, and still striving towards the final amount. Staying flexible with fees and payments, keeps a valued relationship between client and provider. many graphic designers will continue to land steady work, by providing an inexpensive, time effective, and desired product.
4. Follow the client's needs - Many graphic designers mistake graphic design for artistic design and try to put too much of their own creative mark or spin on a project when the desired work is much simpler. Designers should stay on track with clients needs, and communicate exactly any questions the designer might have regarding the level of freedom one has towards creative cart blanche.

5. Be passionate and have fun with the design. No work done by a designer should be painful. Clients do not want to have a design, that is created with limited passion towards the design. If you're designing a simple business card for a company, with two colors and no special fonts or artistic designs, you might become bored. Even if you really love the artistic, and free expressive style of graphic design, give your simple creative side a chance to breathe. The client is paying the designer to take care of all the little things in the design.

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