Sunday, March 6, 2011

Enhance Your Daily Creativity

Executive Summary about Creativity by Evan G Peelle

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." - Buckminster Fuller

There are so many things I love about being creative. Following a tiny creative "spark" can lead you to a great big idea that changes your life or the way you look at the world. Creativity can make our lives easier, charm us, entertain us and heal our souls.
Yet so many adults feel they aren't creative. Today in adulthood you hold your black or blue ballpoint pen with great seriousness. Creativity is something you regard with curiosity and a bit of apprehension. Well "only" artists and people like that are creative after all. You can nurture your creative soul and awaken wonderful ideas of many kinds you can only dream about. Try these creative jump-starts to look at your creativity differently.
Spend 10 minutes a day having pure FUN. Creative people know that being creative is fun. Your creativity does express itself in many ways. Bake homemade bread or cook a pot of delicious homemade soup. For those moments, just have fun. They will pay you with awakened creativity.
Try StumbleUpon. Investigate the fun tool StumbleUpon to try stumbling upon new websites that they think you'll like based on your interests. So if you tell the StumbleUpon tool that you love dogs, running, chocolate and travel - it will show you many websites based on these subjects. Make it your intention to fill each location with beauty and items that welcome your senses. This will keep your creative receptors working even when you don't realize it. Our creativity is often inspired by things we see, smell, feel, sense, hear and otherwise sense in our lives.

Boost Your Creativity in Five Minutes!
Wouldn't you love to give your creativity a quick boost whenever you felt like it? Fortunately this ability exists all around you. Even if you don't think you are creative --- you are! If you breathe, sleep and exist: you are a creative soul. Trust that you have creative abilities. If you are trying to write a paper for school - try doing a few yoga poses. It is funny how this works but it always works.
Have a Good Laugh. Try reading a funny email or sharing a good joke with a friend. Or watch something funny on YouTube or television. This deep, belly laugh will relax you and change the way you think. You'll be ready to be creative once you are in a better mood.
Try Brainstorming. Simply start brainstorming ideas for the project, product or problem. This works great with a group or just by yourself. Even wild and crazy ideas are okay - don't judge the ideas that come. That wild and crazy idea could be the nugget that leads you to the idea that actually works. This is an ideal way to get creative fast!
Do a Puzzle. There are many puzzle fans out there. For good reason! Puzzles activate your brain and help you think logically and in an organized way. But they also have you think in a creative way. Try a crossword puzzle where you need to know all sorts of different facts. Or a Sudoku puzzle that's all about numbers. Or a logic puzzle. There are many types of puzzles. Five minutes with a puzzle will have you thinking creatively and ready to work on whatever you desire.

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